The Worst Mistake to Make for Your Senior Pictures

And 3 Ways to Fix It!

What to Wear for Your Senior Photos

What is the worst mistake you can make when planning for your senior pictures?

Wearing the SAME type of outfits over and over!

The clothing can really make a big difference to your senior photos. If you wear the same type of outfits, for example, all sun dresses, all jeans and t-shirts, all baggy sweaters, etc...... there will be no variety and won’t show off all the facets of your personality. If you want to look great and have great photos, follow these 3 steps.

1. Think about several things you want your senior photos to say about you. Here are some examples: confident, smart, country girl, happy, fun, silly, classy, carefree, dramatic, bold, serious, eclectic, edgy.

Senior Outfit Ideas

2. Once you determine what personality traits you want to bring out, take a look in your closet. What do you currently own that shows off your personality the best? You can always go shopping to compete the looks you're going for.

Senior Outfit Ideas

3. Use ME as a resource. Take a look at this “What to Wear” guide to help you decide outfit styles you like. If you have questions, please contact me before your session so we can go through your outfits and collaborate on what will look best. If you're still torn on your session day, bring all the outfits you're considering, and we can decide together which to wear.

Most seniors include 2-5 outfits. Here’s a few ideas to get a variety.

1. Casual jeans or shorts paired with a T-shirt or casual top or sweater. Add boots or sandals. Try a messy bun or ribbon for your hair.

Senior Outfit Ideas

2. Casual dress or skirt and blouse with wedges, sandals or boots.

Senior Outfit Ideas

3. Jumper, dressy paints or more formal dress with heels or sandals.

Senior Outfit Idea - ropmer Senior Outfit Idea - belle sleeves

4. Add a favorite jacket, jewelry, hat or sunglasses or feature your musical instrument, sport or pet.

Senior Outfit Ideas with props

Senior Outfit Ideas with props

5. Mix things up: collar, no collar, V-neck, square neck, short sleeves, long sleeves, dark colors, bright color, vest, scarf, belt...

Senior with 5 outfit options

Senior photo outfit ideas

Senior with 4 outfits options

Senior outfit ideas