wedding photography collage

On Your Wedding Day...

It is my belief that wedding photography should be more than just snapshots of the day...hoping to catch a few great moments by chance. It should be carefully planned, truly magical, and yield an unforgettable experience with extraordinary photos!!!
As your wedding photographer, I'll be with you all day. I don't charge by it allows me to focus on creating a seamless organized timeline that truly allows you to enjoy every moment of your day without any stress or rushing around. My leisurely timeline ensures we have plenty of time to fully enjoy your champagne toast, love letter reading, prayer, first look, and all the fun at your reception.

The Consult

I love meeting together in person. Having a little date at the Gordonville Grill, Tractors, or Bella Italia is the best way for us to get to know each other and go over everything together. At this meeting, we will look over the collections, decide which one fits your needs best (or alter one), and hopefully go forward with the booking process.

Booking Your Wedding with Me

Once we talk together and decide upon the perfect collection for you, we'll need to sign the contract and pay the $1000 retainer to lock in and secure your date.
The retainer is applied to your wedding collection price if you keep your date. The retainer is kept by Crockette's Images upon cancellation. Refer to the Policy Page and Wedding Contract for more info.

Engagement Sessions

I truly value getting to know my couples before the wedding day. That’s why I have an engagement session included in every wedding package. This session not only provides you with beautiful photos, but also provides an invaluable experience that allows us to get to know each other before the wedding day. I learn how to photograph YOU the best (which side you favor most, which way to tilt your head when you kiss, if you prefer candid or traditional photos...etc.).
Most individuals tend to take the best photos when surrounded by people they know; smiles are genuine and laughter is frequent because people are comfortable amongst friends. That’s exactly how I want you to feel on your wedding day and I can't wait to be a part of the entire process with you!


It's so important that we speak to figure out the perfect wedding collection for you. I have four all-inclusive wedding collections to make things simple or you can customize a package to fit your needs perfectly. They are all packed with quality luxury items like wedding day planning, a second photographer for the groom, engagement and wedding makeup for the bride, wedding and engagement albums, canvases, wedding highlight app, save-the-date cards, and the USB of all your wedding photos. My wedding collections are designed for those who want the full experience... who truly value how their wedding day will be remembered, and who demand professionalism and organization while having a blast with a fun photographer with tons of personality. My average client spends between $4,500 to $6,000 with me.