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I was really really not looking forward to these photos with my fiance. But you made the whole experience very fun and enjoyable. I'll definitely ONLY let you take our photo from now on
I want to thank Crockette for doing an amazing job on my wedding photos. She kept everything under control and handled herself very professionally. She took awesome photos that I never thought would look good! Trust her when she tells you how to pose! She caught the best moments of the whole wedding without us even knowing she was there. She is a great business lady and a great person to work with. She puts her heart and soul into the photos. Thank you so much Crockette!
Crockette Leible.......I do not know what to say. You are AMAZING! I finally got to sit down and look at all the photos yesterday from the wedding and your photos brought tears of joy. You caught every single possible moment that I would have wanted to keep and remember forever. You are positively the most beautiful person inside and out and I would not recommend nor will I ever use any other photographer but YOU! Love everything from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much for what you did to capture our wedding day. Thank you Crockette.
When people tell you that your wedding day flies by, they are NOT lying. You plan for so long for one day and then it's over. Hiring Crockette was one of the best decisions I made. To say that she went above and beyond would be an understatement. The day of the wedding, she kept me calm and made sure I had fun throughout all the pictures. She captured every moment of the wedding that I was too busy to see. I am so glad that I have her beautiful photos to keep forever to remember my special day. If you are considering her, she is worth every penny!
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