Policies & Procedures

Sorry, this is the no-fun part of my wonderful job. However, these policies and procedures help keep everything flowing smoothly and help provide a great over-all photography experience. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to photograph your milestones and love story.....and thanks for understanding these policies & procedures.

Booking information with Crockette's Images

General Booking Info

  • To ensure appointments are kept, I require your session fee upfront. If payment has not been received 5 days after selecting a date, your day automatically becomes reopened. So play it safe and send payment as soon as we decide upon a session date.
  • There will be a $1.00 per mile charge for photo sessions outside the Cape-Jackson area.
  • One courtesy reschedule will be made without the loss of your booking fee as long as I am contacted within three weeks prior to the session date. If notification is received after three weeks a new booking fee will be required for a new session date. Cruel acts of Mother Nature are an automatic reschedule at the next convenient time for you and I. I do keep all Sundays and Mondays open for possible rain reschedule dates
  • Your future Photo Collection purchase is an additional / separate cost than your session fee.

Sales Session / Viewing/Ordering Appointment with Crockette's Images

General Ordering Info

  • All orders are taken at our Viewing/Ordering Session held at my home studio (241 Clay Lane Whitewater, MO. 63785)...just 18 minutes from Cape or Jackson.
  • Photo / product purchases are an additional cost from the session fee.
  • At the Ordering Session, we'll view all your proofs together on a slideshow, select your favorites, then I'll help you design a wall display, design a collage, and choose photos for your album.
  • This is the only time you'll be able to see your photos. So bring ALL decision-makers with you to this Viewing/Ordering Appointment....and payment.
  • Acceptable payments are: cash, check, Venmo, and PayPal.
  • All orders take up to three weeks to process after we meet for our Viewing/Ordering Session.
  • Full payment....or at least 75% of the total is due when your order is placed. This initiates the editing and printing process. We may do custom payments if you request.
  • You'll receive an email revealing the final edits. Your consent to print must be given before I can print anything. Once your consent is given, this means you agree that your photos are100% perfect and no further changes need to be made. So... I'll send everything off for printing...and you'll have your prints / products back in 10-12 business days. WAHOO!!!
  • I keep ALL your purchased photos FOREVER.....so you can always order more/additional photos anytime.

Home Studio is located right outside of Gordonville (7 miles from the Gordonville Grill off HWY 00)
Crockette Leible | 241 Clay Lane | Whitewater, MO. 63785

  • A $1000 non-refundable retainer and a signed contract are required to reserve your special day.
    • The $1000 retainer will be applied towards your wedding collection price if you keep your date.
    • Should you cancel your wedding the $1000 retainer remains with Crockette's Images and any additional money will be paid back.
  • Monthly payments can then be paid monthly
    • If you'd rather pay random lump sums towards your wedding collection, you can do that also. You may choose to pay this way as long as 80% of your total package price is paid 3 months prior to your wedding day...AND your total package package price must be paid in full 2 weeks before your wedding day.
  • Upon the time of your engagement session, if you have not paid anything towards your wedding collection (besides your $1000 retainer), you must pay the price of all the engagement goodies included in your wedding collection.
  • See Wedding Contract for further policies and procedures.