The Experience

  1. Booking Your Session
  • Contact Crockette to pick your session date
  • Secure that date by paying the session fee
  • Discuss everything from outfits, locations, photo desires, and hair and make up with Crockette

2. Your Photo-Shoot

  • We'll meet at your chosen location
  • We'll take LOTS of different photos- posed, natural, & fun.
  • We'll have an awesome time at our session (and remember to bring money to pay your hair and makeup artists the day of the session)

3. The Reveal and Ordering Session

  • A few days after our photo shoot, you'll come to my home studio to view a beautiful slideshow of all your proofs. We'll choose your favorites then choose a Photo Collection or Create Your Own Photo Collection.
  • Photos / products are an additional cost to your session fee.
  • These proofs are just 95% complete. All facial touch-ups and special edits will be applied to the photos you choose to take home.
  • You’ll get to see samples of all my quality products right there in the studio including: canvases, mounted prints, albums, wooden prints, and collages.
  • I’ll make selecting your favorite photos painless, help you design a beautiful wall gallery, select photos for your album, and help with gift ideas too.

4. Receiving Your Images

  • Final edits can take up to two weeks to complete from the date of your ordering session depending on the season (fall being the busiest time).
  • Once your order is paid in full, and has been sent off for printing, it takes approximately 7-10 business days to receive your photos/products (depending on the products you order...albums, wooden photos, and canvases take the longest to return).
  • I'll deliver everything to you directly or ship them to you for $8 if you desire.

Dogs in Engagement Photos »

Your dog is basically your baby --- you let them sleep in your bed, have an entire album of them on your phone, you celebrate their birthday, and couldn't imagine any part of your life without them. So naturally, you want them included in your engagement photos.

Photographing your pup is never easy; getting them to make eye contact with the camera is sometimes a Herculean feat, as anyone who has ever tried to Instagram their dog can attest. In my experience, dogs only look at the camera…

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