Senior Portraits

Graduation day marks a major milestone in life that you'll want to preserve forever. The quality heirloom products I provide will allow you to take home completed art pieces to remember this exciting time for generations to come.I truly love taking my seniors outdoors to enjoy the beautiful rustic, country landscape. I have several awesome locations in mind that will provide unique photos for your unique senior. But if you have a certain location in mind...I love traveling to special locations as well. I'd love to talk with you about everything and go over how I can serve you and your family during this fun senior photo experience. Call of email me for more information 573-233-6030

What to Wear

  • Be yourself. Wear what you will feel comfortable wearing. You should feel beautiful and awesome. I suggest about two nice outfits to describe your personality and one professional-dressy outfit.
  • Bring "things" with you to your session to incorporate in your photo. Fishing or hunting equipment, sport gear, band or orchestra instruments, umbrella, hats, your 4-wheeler or cool truck/car...Whatever YOU are into....I want you to bring it!

Professional Hair & Makeup

I believe that I have the best style team in the area. My talented professional hair and makeup artists will give you the supermodel treatment, complete with false lashes if you request. She will give you a beautiful natural look that will photograph perfectly and help you feel like a princess for your photo session.

  • Payment is due to the artist at the session time if you choose this option.

Main Makeup Artist - Tiffany Burton 573-380-1038

Main Hair Stylist - Danielle Blessing 573-587-3110
Main Makeup Artist / Hair Stylist - Leslie Hellwege 573-576-2972

Makeup Atist - Jessica Griswell 573-703-4055

Makeup Artist - Mika Wright 573-450-0790

Hair Stylist - Alexis Hess 573-270-7248

Hair Stylist - Brittany Cook 573-587-2627